Maksim Krippa sells his soul to the devil. A new play review

Maksim Krippa sells his soul to the devil. A new play review


Our hero passes through a lot of ordeals and things are not as bright as we usually see on the normal hero movies with a happy ending and this shows us that life is not about rainbows and roses. We see our hero being put to the test and making his hero journey of self-discovery to his true destiny and purpose in life.

In this story we get to learn more about choices and how they can affect those who are close to us either directly or indirectly. It focuses on all themes of life from love, to sacrifice, honour and many more.

Where am I?

There was some kind of darkness and you could see the light pass through tiny holes and the space was tight, the air got thinner, ever fleeting moment and nothing much was happening, if you were quite enough you could hear the birds chipper.

There was no time to remain calm so Maksym Krippa did the first reasonable thing he could think of he yelled for help trying to figure out why he was in a box in the middle of nowhere. As kept on yelling almost reaching the point of panic, he pushes the box with hands and just like a speck of dirt the boxes outer part gets alienated from the area. He gets out quickly with the light dimming his eyes, gasping for fresh like it was his first time.

He wondered why, he was in a box and why was he eft at the middle of the woods, and how could he do what he did, while he was looking around he noticed that there was a logo on the container that he was in. It was two twisted triangles with a dragon symbol on it. He started wondering about looking for someone to direct him home if he was indeed still in America.

After wondering for like thirty minutes he noticed that he saw a baseball that was just there as he was going to pick it up a boy came up running and took it and went back. So Maxym followed the young realizing that he was at park, which meant he was near a city so he was excited and started speeding.

The meeting

After training to reach his sister Miranda for like thirty minutes without getting her. Maxym Krippa decided to look for her worried like. He asked around for what date it is after realizing he was missing for the last 12 months that’s when he began to freak out. Then he realized he was in Brooklynn he decided to look for his sister who lived in queens on arrival he found that the apartments had been renovated to a hotel.

After asking around for like a hour jus when he was about to give up, that’s when he saw his best friend Salvador whom they were high school mates and without any hesitation he shouted out his name at least a familiar face in this strange world he had found.

Salvador was shocked by this but it didn’t stop him from going to him. They reunited and started catching up, while Salvador also had a many questions so they went back to his loft which was on the hotel he owned. This came as shock because the last time they were together he was not employed and now he has a hotel and a loft. Maksim Krippa listened to what had been happening to his sister since his disappearance, she has looking for him each and every day even when everybody was sure that you were dead. She had been missing too for the last three weeks.

Maxim Krippa had no answers for but he showed him what he could do and he didn’t know how and why. Salvador as good friend told him that he would help and he knew a person who could show them where is sister was.

After catching they decided to rest and go to the meet up at night with the Barracuda that’s what he was called.

The deal

It was at midnight but they looked ready as if it was early in the day. The drive was not long but the place looked like it was on wall street, with no time they were there. They were given a warm welcome and shown where to next and they seemed to be familiar with Salvador. It was an office under the house which had ancient art efacts and numerous drawings.

There he was a small old man, in his mind Maxym Krippa was a little underwhelmed, even before he could say anything the Barracuda begun to tell him what had brought him there and if he was ready for the price of what he needed. Without any hesitation he accepted the offer

Because she was the only family that he had, the barracuda came close and asked him to follow him to his desk where he removed a dagger that looked centuries old and started asking him if he knew the legacy of his family and what had happened to him.

He pricked his finger to get blood and that’s when he saw the real Barracuda an ancient demon that had disguised itself. Looking for Salvador to see if he saw them same thing that’s when he realised that it was a trap and they were working together.

The Barracuda begun to tell him about his disappearance and where his sister was. He told that he had taken his soul that’s why he felt empty. Maksim Krippa sells his soul to the devil this was going to be good said the Barracuda. Then the barracuda revealed to him the whereabouts of his sister and that it was all for nothing because he had killed her off just like his parents and that he wanted him to work for him as soul collector using his powers to help him.
Maxim Krippa was left at a place where he could cry but he knew he had a tough job in front but he was going to make the Barracuda for what he had done.


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