When There Is A Marriage, And Both Have A Car With Auto Insurance

When There Is A Marriage, And Both Have A Car With Auto Insurance

Car insurance was probably not the first thing a couple thinks of after a proposal. But after everything is done and the honeymoon is over, it is time for the newly married couple to check on combining both cars under one insurance policy. Auto insurance is normally cheaper for married couples – with a few important caveats.


It seems that premium cost from 10 to 12 percent less when all other aspects are the same. Now why is this case? It seems that studies have shown married people are less likely to file a claim when compared to single drivers of equal profile and, so they consider married people less risky to insure.

Larger discount

To get an even larger discount, consider combining both cars under a single policy. This makes the most sense if you both have driving records that are good and there are no recent gaps in insurance coverage.

Multi-car discounts

You need to remember that in addition to lower rates, having two cars under one policy can earn multi-car discounts from insurance. If you are a household with only one car, you can still earn discounts for policy with both at the same time.

Only one car

Even when a family has only one car, insurance agents would still recommend a single policy that covers both drivers, since it makes certain that both drivers are insured without incurring any extra cost of a second policy.

Renters or homeowners

Finally consider this – combining your car insurance with any existing renters’ or homeowners’ policies from the same company can often lead to even greater discounts overall.

Here is what to do – you should first get a quote adding your spouse to your insurance and vice versa. Asking for a quote does not obligate you to follow through with the change. Make your decision after you get the quotes and use the cheapest one.