What You Need to Know Before Signing Up With CreditRepair.com

What You Need to Know Before Signing Up With CreditRepair.com

CreditRepair.com has in a very short time become one of the most popular credit repair companies for those looking to repair their poor credit.This service is best for people who are looking for credit repair and credit monitoring all bundled together in a one-stop solution. Clients will stay constantly updated on their current credit scores with this online dashboard, email, and text alerts.

Customer support and great results 

 CreditRepair.com has been helping clients ease their credit problems since 1997. Combining this experience with new technology, they offer online services and a mobile app to increase their already excellent credit repair services. They also increase their service with the input of consumer credit experts and credit bureaus to guarantee accuracy. CreditRepair.com’s goal is much more than just repairing your current credit history. They do their best to help you develop healthy, credit habits that will have a lasting effect on your financial well-being.

How to start

Signing up with CreditRepair.com is quick and direct. Simply visit them online and complete their sign-up form. Your credit reports will be automatically collected and then reviewed by their team of experts.

Information you need to provide

 CreditRepair.com usually requires the following information to supplement your credit history:

  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Credit or debit card information
  • Credit report account numbers

How much does it cost? 

 CreditRepair.com charges $12.99 setup fee to obtain your credit reports, and then $99.95 per month after that.

Though the monthly cost may seem rather high, clients have found that the modest setup fee for obtaining their credit reports actually offsets the higher rate for 3-4 months, during the time when you have already acquired an average increase of 40 points on their credit score.

Does CreditRepair.com offer a guarantee?

CreditRepair.com does not offer any warranty or guarantee but the reviews show that they do have a high customer satisfaction rating as of now. As per BBB, there is no government action pending against CreditRepair.com. And there are not any complaints against their methods of advertising. The BBB rating for this firm is A+.

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